Roles and permissions

Table of contents
  1. Roles
    1. Owner
    2. Admin
    3. User

You can use different team member roles to set that person permissions.


There are three user roles:


Owner (aka superuser) is the role that has unlimited access. The owner can create, update or delete all resources. Also, it is only role that can manage the team members, and access and update the organization settings and billing details.

There can be only one team member with the role Owner. But, the current owner can transfer the Owner role to another team member. This will set the previous owner's role as Admin.

Only the Owner can invite new members or delete the existing team member accounts.


Admin is the role with create, update and delete permissions for all resources, except team members and billing. There is no limitation about the number of team members with the role Admin.


User is the role with read-only permissions for everything. They can view resources, and reports as well, but they can't create, modify or delete anyhing. Again, there can be any number of team members with the role User.