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Set up WebGazer quickly and easily for instant alerts. Straightforward uptime monitoring ensures you're always informed of your site's status, keeping your digital presence monitored and managed.

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Monitor your uptime with ease

Keep a close watch on your website and servers without the hassle. Gazers automatically monitor your infrastructure 24/7, alerting you the moment something goes wrong.

Simple to set up and even easier to manage, they ensure you're the first to know about any downtime. Stay informed, stay ahead.

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Monitor your uptime with ease

One setup, multiple rewards
All-in-one monitoring solution

Track your site with customized alerts that work with your team's favorite platforms. WebGazer keeps you updated first, with tools easy to set up and simple to use.

Get instant alerts via your favorite platform

Feel the comfort of always being in the know. WebGazer brings you instant alerts through the platforms you use every day - Slack, PagerDuty, emails, SMS, phone calls, and webhooks. It's about effortless connection, ensuring you receive timely updates in your preferred space. Simple, straightforward, and reliable, we blend into your workflow, making staying informed feel like second nature.

Quiet efficiency: Only real alerts, no false alarms

Forget about unnecessary noise and headaches with WebGazer. Our precise monitoring filters out false alarms, ensuring you only get alerts when there’s a real issue. This means no needless interruptions to your day, just trustworthy notifications. We're here to do our job quietly and efficiently, letting you focus on yours with complete peace of mind.

Ease of mind: We check every minute so you don't have to

Relax, WebGazer's got your back. Our system checks your site every minute if you're on our premium plan, and every five minutes for free users. This frequent monitoring means you can focus on your day without stress, knowing we're keeping a close eye on things for you. Quick alerts and consistent checks keep your site up and running smoothly.

Your rules for HTTP monitoring: Set custom parameters

Set up HTTP requests with the custom body and header parameters you choose. It's like having a conversation in your own language - straightforward, no confusion. This way, you ensure that every check speaks directly to your site's specific needs, making your alerts as relevant and useful as they can be. Simple, clear, and tailored just for you, our setup puts you in control, keeping monitoring hassle-free and effective.

Ensure your infrastructure meets your performance standards

Catch performance dips before they become problems with WebGazer’s performance monitoring. It’s not just about being up; it’s about being fast enough for your users. If your site usually responds in a blink but starts slowing down, we’re on it - without bombarding you with alerts for every tiny hiccup. Set the standards for what fast means to you, and we'll make sure you know if things start to lag, giving you a chance to fix them before your users even notice.

Find out what went wrong: Your guide with root cause analysis

When things go quiet, WebGazer's root cause analysis helps you find the why. See detailed info right when downtime happens. Get insights like server IPs, request details, and even a peek at HTML responses when available. It’s all about giving you the full picture, so fixing issues is as straightforward as spotting them. No more guessing games, just clear answers and quicker fixes.


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