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1 user

5 gazers

5 minutes gaze interval

30 days retention

Location selection


Phone call notifications

SMS notifications








3 users

30 gazers

1 minute gaze interval

90 days retention

Location selection


10 phone call notifications

20 SMS notifications








5 users

100 gazers

1 minute gaze interval

180 days retention

Location selection


30 phone call notifications

60 SMS notifications








20 users

200 gazers

1 minute gaze interval

360 days retention

Location selection


50 phone call notifications

100 SMS notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

It is made to make sure that you are aware of any downtime on your systems on time.

What is "gazer"?

Gazer is the dedicated process that runs the periodic checks to your website or server. One gazer runs one website or server check. So, the more gazers you have, the more services you can monitor.

What is "user"?

Each user has an individual account on your WebGazer, giving her access to the service by authenticating with e-mail address and password.

Users with different roles has different capabilities, and specific users can be set to be notified of incidents on different gazers.

What is "gaze interval"?

Gaze interval is the period of time between two subsequent checks that run on your website or server. So, the lower the gaze interval, the earlier you get to notice when an incident occurs.

How does the 7-day trial work?

After you sign up for trial, you get access to all Standard plan features for 7 days. No credit card is required for trial, so you can sign up without any engagement.

What happens at the end of trial?

You can choose one of our plans and pay by credit card from within the billing of your dashboard.

If you decide not to subscribe to a plan, your account's plan will be updated to Free and you will still be able to use WebGazer. You will be limited to one gazer and one user with 5 minutes gaze interval.

How long are your contracts?

Currently, we only offer monthly and annual subscriptions. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time with no further obligation. Yearly subscriptions comes with one month free.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with Stripe which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted.

Can I update my card details?

Yes. Go to the billing section of your dashboard and update your payment information.

What if I want to change my subscription plan?

It's quick and easy to switch between different pricing plans on billing section of your dashboard. Your account is updated in real-time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your plan comes into effect immediately.

Can I get refund?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Please try our 7-day free trial to make sure WebGazer is what you want.

Other questions?

We are always available at