Table of contents
  1. Inviting new members
  2. Updating the team member details
  3. Roles and permissions

WebGazer offers multiple seats for each member in your team. You can invite your colleagues to your WebGazer organization to enable them;

  1. Create, edit or manage the gazers, pulses or alerts
  2. View the reports for gazers and pulses

Inviting new members

To invite your team members to you WebGazer organization, you can go to the Team page and click the Invite team member button. After you fill and submit the form, an invitation e-mail with an activation link will be submitted to the e-mail address you wrote. And once they activate their account using that link, they will be able to access WebGazer.

Team members feature is available for plans Pro, and Business. See pricing.

Updating the team member details

Updating the e-mail address is not possible after creation. So, if a team member's e-mail address gets changed, the organization owner will need to delete the previous account, and create a new one with the new e-mail address.

Roles and permissions

There are multiple access levels that can be set for individual team member accounts, and limits that person's capabilities on your WebGazer organization. Please see Roles and permissions for details.