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WebGazer is an uptime monitoring service and monitors your business day and night. You get an alert if anything goes wrong.

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You need to keep your website, REST API and background tasks working. Make sure your business is ticking.
Website performance monitoring
Make sure your website is up and running by checking it every minute.
Heartbeat monitoring
Monitor cron jobs, scheduled tasks and IoT devices with Pulse. Details here.
REST API monitoring
Monitor custom API interactions by configuring request method, headers and data.
Instant downtime notification
In case something goes wrong get alerted via e-mail, Slack, webhook, SMS or phone call.
Gorgeous status pages
Review uptime and performance statistics yourself or share with your audience. Details here.
No false positives
Do not get your time wasted with wrong alerts. WebGazer validates incidents with multiple gazes.
SSL monitoring
Secure your users' data ensuring your SSL certificate is valid.
No installation required
Monitor your website without any effort on your end. Enter website address and start right away.

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Gazers give me the piece of mind to be the first to know if a client's website goes down. Consistently updated by a talented and insightful team, the beautiful UI and elegant UX help me get the information I need without delay. Get the Power Pack, the price is right, and it's far more reasonable than competitors - as the first customer, you can trust me 🙂

Caleb A. MacDonald

Lead Digital Strategist at Code of Arms Design Studio

As an IoT company, it is of utmost importance that we maintain the data flow from data miners to customers. Even though we could potentially figure out bugs and issues during the day, it makes us lose time and more importantly our customer's trust with every minute we delay the flow. After switching to WebGazer we can now monitor this entire flow not just during the day, but for every time-zone, seeing what our customers came across in our service and noticing & fixing any issues almost instantaneously.

Sarp Bilecen

Co-Founder / Head of Sales & Marketing at Seyisco

Uptime is important for everybody, but here at Dashman there is more than that since our customers count on us to keep their dashboards fresh. WebGazer enables us make sure all parts that Dashman depend on are up and functioning properly and act quick when something goes wrong. It is also nice to have an overview of the components' performances.

J. Pablo Fernández

Founder & CEO at Dashman

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