You can choose to delete your account, and all the associated data at anytime.

Deleting the account

When you delete your account, all the related data will be deleted from WebGazer's databases irreversibly. If you are unsure, but don't want to receive any alerts, you can simply delete the alerts and keep your account and data.

To delete your account;

  1. After signing in, open the user menu by clicking your avatar on the top right, and click Settings. Settings link

  2. Click the Account deletion on the menu on the left (or you can click here to directly go to account deletion page). Settings link

  3. Follow the instructions to fully delete your account.

Account deletion is for deleting the whole WebGazer account, not for deleting the team member's individual account. So, only the team member with the role Owner can access the account deletion page. If you want your team member account deleted, you can ask your organization owner to delete your account.