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Convert downtime into trust

WebGazer's status pages are built to ease the communication with your customers in case of a downtime.

It presents the current situation of the services with beautifully designed graphs and enables you to explain what is going and share plan of action when an incident occurs.

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Convert downtime into trust

One setup, ongoing transparency
All-in-one communication platform

Keep your stakeholders informed with a status page that integrates seamlessly into your operations. WebGazer offers a simple setup that enables you to communicate efficiently during any downtime. Customize it to reflect your brand, and enjoy a central hub for all crisis communications—ensuring that your users stay updated with real-time, consistent information.

Pleasing to the eye

First impressions matter. Customize your status page to be both functional and visually appealing. Tailor it to reflect your brand's style by adding your logo and utilizing predefined layout options that ensure professionalism. Even during downtimes, your status page will maintain a polished and cohesive look that reassures your users and reflects your commitment to quality.

Integrated by default

Set up your status page effortlessly with WebGazer's built-in tools. The platform makes integrating a status page into your existing systems straightforward and hassle-free. Automatically link your status page with gazers and pulses, providing real-time updates without any extra setup. This allows you to focus more on your business operations and less on managing communications during incidents.

Continuously update stakeholders

Keep your customers, employees, and stakeholders in the loop with timely status updates. During any incident, quickly post detailed updates directly on your status page. This transparency not only builds trust but also reduces the influx of support queries, asusers can see real-time progress. Make communication during downtimes effortless and reliable, ensuring everyone stays informed with the latest developments.

Personalize with custom domains

Strengthen your brand identity by hosting your status page on a custom domain. This feature allows you to present a more professional image to your users, reinforcing their confidence in your service. Setting up a custom domain is simple, and we automatically provide SSL certification to ensure your status page is secure. Elevate your user experience by making your status page a seamless part of your main website, easy to remember and access during critical times.

Truly yours: Customize to reflect your brand

Make the status page distinctly your own with WebGazer's customization options. Add your brand's logo and a link to your main website, providing a consistent brand experience across all platforms. Even though WebGazer hosts your status page, it can fully reflect your brand's identity, making it appear as an integral part of your service. This level of personalization not only enhances user trust but also strengthens your brand's visibility during critical moments.

Simplify crisis communication with a central hub

Centralize and simplify your crisis communications with a dedicated status page. During any downtime or service interruption, use the status page to communicate directly with all stakeholders. This central hub for updates reduces the need for individual responses, streamlines your communication efforts, and ensures that everyone receives the same message at the same time. Make managing updates during incidents as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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