Convert downtime into trust

The downtime happens, even to the best of us. You can use WebGazer's status pages to keep your customers updated in case of an incident and build a bond of trust with the power of transparency.

Status page

Status page

WebGazer's status pages are built to ease the communication with your customers in case of a downtime.

It presents the current situation of the services with beautifully designed graphs and enables you to explain what is going and share plan of action when an incident occurs.

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Status page
Pleasing to the eye
Incident times are already very stressful. We designed a good looking status page to lighten the mood.
Integrated by default
Status page is very well integrated with the data WebGazer collects. You will have WebGazer's statistics by default, with zero efforts.
Status updates
You can post updates about incidents to keep your customers, employees and other stakeholders in the loop.
Custom domains
You can set a custom domain like so that your customers can easily access.
Truly yours
WebGazer hosts your status page but you can customize the status page the reflect your brand.

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