Say goodbye to silently failing cron jobs and scheduled tasks

Get alerted immediately when your daily backups, weekly reports, cron jobs, and scheduled tasks don't run or somehow fail. Pulse listens to incoming HTTP requests and alerts when one is missed or arrives without success parameters.

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Cron job (heartbeat) monitoring

Cron job (heartbeat) monitoring

You can utilize pulses to monitor:

  • file backups,
  • database backups,
  • daily, weekly or monthly reports,
  • cron jobs,
  • scheduled tasks.

It is ideally suited for almost everything that is supposed to run on a time-based schedule.

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Cron job (heartbeat) monitoring
Easy installation
Configure a time interval and set an HTTP request to be sent periodically, and you are ready to go.
Instant notifications
Get notified instantly via e-mail, webhook, PagerDuty, Slack, SMS and phone calls when a configured task doesn't run or fail.
Parameter validation
You can set rules like "if the backup takes longer than 10 seconds, send an alert". Success parameters are fully configurable.
Configurable intervals
You can set interval for a task to a week, a day, 6 hours, or even 10 seconds. It has second-precision.
Real-time reports
When a task fails, you get to know why. The data that is sent with the HTTP request is stored and reported.

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Make sure everything runs smoothly. Verify the backups and background tasks run when and how they should.