A little bit about the vision of the WebGazer

Feb 19, 2018, Gökhan Sarı

To start with, idea of WebGazer came into existence from self-need. Maintaining multiple websites on different servers and not knowing the state of every one were problematic, especially when one of the websites somehow goes down and you learn it from the customer you maintain the website for or the user who shouldn't even notice the glitch in the first place. There were services addressing (or at least trying to) this issue; however, some couldn't quite cut it and good ones were enterprise-ish expensive. This is how the idea of WebGazer blossomed in 2015.
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Why is uptime monitoring important for your business?

Dec 08, 2017, Altan Akdoğan

You have an online business and should you not meet the term uptime monitoring and embrace the importance of it, we are here. Uptime monitoring is basically a check for your online services to make sure that they are accessible to your customers and users. It helps you to be aware of any downtime with swift notifications via different means of communication from e-mail to integrated tools.
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