How a company might lose more than $7 billions in 30 minutes

Dec 04, 2018, Burak Yildirim

I've been working at WebGazer for seven months. For every day I spend in this business, I feel like I'm trying to run on a tightrope. Since our job is website monitoring, I see the similar downtime tragedies every day. I was reading some old downtime stories like "Amazon has lost $3.75 million in only 20 minutes!". Then, I decided to make a research about some possible downtime tragedies might happen.
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10 Things You Should Avoid in B2B Marketing

Nov 16, 2018, Miray Bildik

As you know, B2B marketing refers to the techniques and practices used by companies to sell their product or services to other organizations and businesses rather than individuals. The most essential thing in B2B marketing is to reach out to the right customers and influence them to purchase. However, in achieving this, there are some pitfalls you would want to avoid.
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Using Coupon Codes: Good or Bad

Nov 01, 2018, Miray Bildik

You've got this month’s salary, and now it is time for shopping! You’re surfing in the Amazon, here are the earphones that you wanted to buy for a long time. You added it to cart. What a coincidence! There is a discount option with a coupon for this product. This must have made you happy as everyone loves discounts!
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Research and why it is important

Oct 03, 2018, Defne Nur Ayyildiz

What we call startup today is some people coming together with a common vision, mission and a new concept which can usually be improved and shaped in time.
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Simple mind

Sep 05, 2018, Helin Tanik

Simple mind. Thinks anytime, anything. But what does a simple mind really thinks when faced with a down website?
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Posting to Product Hunt

Aug 23, 2018, Gokhan Sari

Product Hunt is the place you'd want to announce your product on. It's a great place where potential early adopters are checking regularly to seek tools to ease tasks that need to be dealt with. In this post, I will share the PH experienced we had.
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How I got my job in WebGazer on the day I learned that it existed

Aug 01, 2018, Defne Nur Ayyildiz

Yes, you heard it right. They both happened on the same day. I had no idea about WebGazer a few months ago, and now I am a part of it! It all started when a friend of mine texted me that he wanted some help. I said okay, but honestly, I did not think that it would become my new job. Before this, I was working voluntarily in a student organization as Instagram responsible and Public Relations Committee member, so I knew some stuff. Working there for 2 years voluntarily, taught me more than I thought. It used to be my hobby, now it became my job and as I keep working at WebGazer, I feel like I will learn more and get better each day.
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Creating the company culture

Jul 28, 2018, Altan Akdogan

It is easy to communicate when you are only two. That was us when starting off WebGazer. The easiest way to decide on an issue was to discuss it in person or on the phone. We did not need to think on in-house culture, values and so on. This is mostly due to the fact that we, two of us, were all those at once. We were walking-ethics, values and everything you would expect from a website monitoring service.
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Using WebGazer as a dashboard

Jun 09, 2018, J. Pablo Fernández

Do you ever wake up covered in cold sweat wondering if the WebGazer email alerts are being deleted as spam by your email client? No? Well... me neither! Of course!
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