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Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring

WebGazer enables you to monitor websites and REST API endpoints. It checks the service's status by sending an HTTP request with a configurable frequency and sends a notification immediately if an issue is detected.

In order to prevent alert fatigue, WebGazer does additional checks when an incident is detected and fires the notification only if the incident is verified by these additional checks.

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Uptime monitoring
Instant downtime notifications
Get notified instantly via e-mail, webhook, PagerDuty, Slack, SMS and phone calls when an incident occurs.
SSL monitoring
Provide a secure experience to your customers ensuring your SSL certificate is valid and not expired.
1 minute check intervals
Check services' status as frequently as every 60 seconds! Too much? You can set it as low as 24 hours.
No false positives
Alert fatigue is bad we know it. So, each incident is double-checked before it is recorded.
Configurable HTTP requests
You can configure method, headers and body for the outgoing HTTP requests to match your needs.
Performance monitoring
Poor performance can be an indicator of an forthcoming disaster. Catch the performance issues before they turn into incidents.

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