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Uptime monitoring
Keep a close watch on your website and servers without the hassle. Gazers automatically monitor your infrastructure 24/7, alerting you the moment something goes wrong. Simple to set up and even easier to manage, they ensure you're the first to know about any downtime. Stay informed, stay ahead.
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Cron job monitoring
From database backups to routine updates, run smoothly and on time. Pulses keeps an eye on your cron jobs, instantly notifying you if any task doesn't execute as planned. It's the effortless way to guarantee your operations run without a hitch, providing peace of mind and operational continuity. Perfect for keeping essential processes on track.
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Status pages

Hosted status dashboards
Create custom status pages that keep your customers informed with real-time updates, reinforcing trust and transparency. These pages are fully customizable and effortlessly hosted to reflect your brand, making communication during downtimes clear and effective. Simple setup for a major impact. Ensure your users are always in the loop, seamlessly.
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Your favorite platforms with WebGazer's simple setup

Receive notifications through businesses' favorite platforms like Slack, PagerDuty, Webhooks, e-mails, SMS, and phone calls.

Simple and quick setup ensures you're always informed and ready to respond.

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WebGazer is easing monitoring for teams like yours
"Among all of the tools that we use, WebGazer is an important component in managing availability, performance and risk. It is our canary in the coal mine. We have come to depend on it and the reliable indications that it always provides."
Ernest M. Park
Ernest M. Park
CISO and Managing Partner
"As a product and engineering leader, I want my team to know as soon as we have an outage or performance degradation so we can recover quickly. WebGazer requires almost no effort to set up and manage, and provides constant visibility into how our systems are performing to make sure they’re fast and reliable - and stay that way."
Jeremy Weiskotten
Jeremy Weiskotten
VP of Engineering
"We've been using WebGazer at Workintech, and it has been a game-changer. It allowed us to focus on developing high-quality content, while WebGazer takes care of ensuring our platform remains available to students at all times."
Omer Tanriverdi
Omer Tanriverdi
Developer Instructor
"As someone who has worked on various projects across different domains, I've found WebGazer to be an indispensable tool for ensuring the reliability of our online services. Their robust uptime monitoring and notification system have helped us identify and resolve issues promptly."
Doren Calliku
Doren Calliku
Mobility Engineer


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