Maintenances enable you to configure scheduled maintenances on WebGazer so that expected downtimes are handled to prevent undesirable alert noise.

You can set one-time, daily, weekly or monthly maintenances. Selected gazers and pulses are paused at the start of this time window and unpaused at the end.

Naturally, you won't get any alerts during the maintenance time window. Gazers and pulses behave slightly different:


When periodic gaze time of the gazer comes, if a matching scheduled maintenance exists, its status is set as "Under maintenance", and the monitoring halts. When the maintenance time window ends and another gaze time comes, gaze happens, and the gazer's status gets updated accordingly.

So, no matter how many times the gazer goes up or down during the maintenance window, it won't be reported, and the whole period is marked as "Under maintenance".


Pulses are automatically marked as "Under maintenance" when the maintenance time comes. If a beat arrives when the pulse is under maintenance, it gets wholly skipped, thus, not saved.

When the maintenance ends, the pulse's status is updated as its status before the maintenance, and expected beat time is delayed according to the pulse's interval and tolerance.

Stay with me; an example will make it clearer:

Let's say you have a pulse with 15 minutes interval and 5 minutes tolerance. The last beat arrives at 09:50. So the pulse is "Up" at this point. And the affecting maintenance starts at 10:00 and lasts for 30 minutes.

Without the scheduled maintenance the pulse would be reported as "Down" at 10:10. But, with the maintenance configured, the pulse goes "Under maintenance" at 10:00 and stays that way until 10:30. At 10:30, its status is set as "Up" again. And the next expected beat time is set as 10:50. Because 10:30 + 15 minutes (interval) + 5 minutes (tolerance) = 10:50.