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You can use WebGazer on a free or one of the three paid plans. To see price of the plans, you can check our Pricing page.

On this document, you can find a summary of the plans, 14-day trial and a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade.

🎢 Free

Free plan offers essential uptime monitoring for mainly hobby purposes limited to single gazer, single alert and user.

✈️ Startup

On Startup, you can use 5 gazers for website or REST API monitoring. Gaze interval is 1 minute on this plan. You get 3 pulses for cron job monitoring. SSL certificate is also validated and you get notified if the certificate expires. It is possible to add two alerts and two users as needed. You may set up one branded status page to share performance of your chosen gazers publicly.

🚀 Growth

On Growth, limit is 25 for gazers and 10 for pulses. You can also see detailed response time reports with breakdowns, such as handshake, first bite and so on. Status pages come unbranded and you can upload a logo for the page. It is also possible to set a custom domain for a status page. You can set up 5 status pages. Live chat support is another upgrade for this plan.

🛰️ Premium

On Premium, you can use every functionality on Growth plan with a plus of increased limits on gazers, pulses, alerts, users and status pages in line with your extended necessities.

💡 Learn more on Pricing

Upgrade to a paid plan

  1. Go to the Billing section
  2. Click on Change Plan under the plan you want to upgrade
  3. Enter card details

    If you have a coupon, click on I have a coupon, write your coupon code and click on Apply

  4. Click Continue

After completing the steps, the upgrade comes into effect immediately. You also receive an e-mail about your upgrade from WebGazer. A receipt is sent from Stripe to your registered e-mail account upon payment.

When you upgrade from a paid plan to another, the time remaining on your current subscription will be calculated and prorated.

👀 Trial

We offer a 14-day trial on Growth plan after you sign up. You are not asked for payment details to enable the trial. You take advantage of Growth plan offerings for 14 days.

On the web application, you can see days left next to your avatar on the header.

When you downgrade from Growth to another plan after your trial ends, your gazers, users and status pages are removed in accordance with the limits of your new plan in reverse chronological order.