Why is uptime monitoring important for your business?

Dec 08, 2017, Altan Akdoğan

You have an online business and should you not meet the term uptime monitoring and embrace the importance of it, we are here. Uptime monitoring is basically a check for your online services to make sure that they are accessible to your customers and users. It helps you to be aware of any downtime with swift notifications via different means of communication from e-mail to integrated tools.

Uptime is very important for online businesses, but it is not easy to sustain a 100% uptime while best service providers promise 99.9% uptime at most, making 8.7 hours of downtime in a year. Even Amazon.com experiences downtime. In 2016, Amazon.com went down for 20 minutes. Based on yearly sales of the e-commerce giant, this interruption would have cost nearly $3.75M. When a company is caught up in a position similar to Amazon.com’s, it is very important to be prompt to react and work on the solution. This is where uptime monitoring kicks in for online businesses. Knowing how hard making a customer go through the sales funnel, each ready-to-buy customer costs your revenue. Uptime monitoring services check your important systems frequently and periodically, alerting you in case of such a downtime and enabling an immediate recovery operation to start.

When your provided service is not accessible to your customers, in addition to lost potential sales, this can lead your customers to build a distrust of your service. How you are perceived is as much important as what you serve. When it comes to customer trust and loyalty, the issue at hand becomes more heated for businesses. This is where uptime monitoring comes important. Getting noticed about incidents on your services as quickly as possible is one key to manage the crisis and perception of your company.

If you are not using any uptime monitoring service and made it to the end, we invite you to check available tools and start using one.