Introducing integrations

Nov 9, 2017

by Gokhan Sari

Here at WebGazer when we plan and develop new features, one of the points we focus on is the ease of use. We build so that users can include WebGazer into their already existing stack with minimal effort, if not none. Notifications via e-mail, SMS or phone call were the basics, we decided to take another step to produce meaningful incident alerts an started adding integrations with third party tools and services.

E-mail notifications are essential yet sometimes they pass unnoticed. Phone calls and text messages help noticing the urgent issues. The thing is, both e-mails and GSM based notifications works only for individuals. If you are working as teams of multiple people, at some point you might need a solution to collaborate on incidents created by WebGazer. That’s why we added third party integrations.

With more than 6M daily users Slack is one of most commonly used collaboration service used by professionals. So it was not hard to choose which platform to add integration with first: Slack is the first service WebGazer provides integration with. WebGazer sends message to the Slack channel you specified both when an incident starts and ends.

Integrations on WebGazer dashboard

The second service WebGazer integrates with is an incident management platform: PagerDuty. For those who are using this platform, WebGazer creates an incident with the selected severity when an issue is detected by gazer and likewise, sets created incident as resolved when the issue disappears.

Start using integrations

Integrations on WebGazer dashboard

To get started with integrations, you can use the newly added Integrations menu on WebGazer web application. Don’t forget to enable the integration you added in the gazer’s settings, too.

Before you leave…

We plan to extend available integrations. So, please don’t hesitate to reach us if there is a tool you are using and you need to integrate WebGazer to.